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I'm quite happy... [Mar. 20th, 2007|08:45 pm]
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Oh yes I am quite happy...Today I got to hug my friends lots of times espeically Steven Austin...ohhh I like to bother him. I also miss hanging-out with such a great guy, and I also got to run after Kyle Day. Gosh I like those guys...they also begged me for money which was 'Access Denied'...they can't have my money... Then I gave Steven a big hug from the back, but he lift me up from behind...I'm so happy I've got friends like him... He is so awesome...I love him in a non-sexual way..:D Then I left school with everyone saying "TINSTAAFL" or "Good-bye Jomel", but instead Kyle said "Good-bye Jamal"...which is completely distasteful.. Jamal is not my name.>_