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"Movie Night"...was actually not bad... [Jan. 25th, 2007|11:28 pm]
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We have a event in which we watch movies in different classrooms with different movie playing at the same time....called "Movie Night". First none of my friends wanted to come except Tawny & Asa, but Bridgit & Kyle Day soon followed. Then we needed to decide which classroon to go into I decided we watch "Princess Mononoke", yet I wanted opinions from my friends since I didn't want them to watch something they don't like. But we agreed the animation was okay since Bridgit had not seen it, and Kyle Day is never interested in anime or manga.. Always I wanted them to have food so I asked if they wanted some popcorn which I gave to Kyle since he needs all the food he can get.

Hmmm.. but as we started the movie we found out it was a Miyazaki' Collection DVD...with almost all his work, so we almost started to watch "My Neighbor Totoro"...cute movie, yet slow moving. Besides watching the movie...we only had about 7 people in the classroom to watch it...excellent...just excellent. And throughout the whole movie we made fun of it because with friends you just need to make fun of a good movie. Although there was this one girl who kept going back-n-forth to our room and the next...besides that it was great.

*sigh* Can't wait until another event like that will happen again...Leadership actually did some good once in a blue moon.