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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Blahhh!!!! [Dec. 25th, 2006|04:25 am]
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[[[Emotion]] |discontentScared...]
[~::Sound::~ |Enya~Book of Days]

Hope eveyone has a excellent day, and found that it's not always about the presents, but the giving...since some haven't found that common sense...Blahhh...>.<" But yes...I have 3 weeks off...how *cough* delicious.
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Stupid Crab!!! [Dec. 21st, 2006|11:51 pm]
[You are here |Mountain Evale]
[[[Emotion]] |enthralledHappy, but saddness behind]
[~::Sound::~ |Enya~The Celts]

For a moment I was quite happy I got presents from my friends, and I'm quite content with myself, yet this stuff crab keeps staring at me. Yes a fuzzy stuff animal crab...it must be tell me something. Now this stuff crab has a story...I was looking around the "Fantasy Store" for presents, but then this crab appeared. The person I want to give it to or who entered my mind....was Kris. Yes shame on me~for being a fool. Sorry can't help it...Anyways this crab was going to be his X-mas present because even though I'm not talking to him...I still love him. It is still quite foolish, and I can't explain it...at all. This odd thing keeps looking at me wondering "who I'll belong to?" But I'm sorry little crab, but your time will wait...Thus I name the crab...Cancer not just because that happens to be Kris's Astrology sign, but that's what Kris is...a disease which spreads. Yet I would like to say Cancer "you'll find your place". =D

Fate... [Dec. 16th, 2006|12:45 am]
[You are here |Back breaking springs...ouch!]
[[[Emotion]] |exhaustedWarmness]
[~::Sound::~ |Enya~Storms in Africa]

Fate....what a cruel, yet wonderous person you are.
You make us happy as much as you want us sad.
You seen to throw are lives around like a dare.
Yet fate you always seem to make me mad.
I hate you with a passion, but you help me to move on.
I also love the way you made me forget this one song.
It was a song of lacked confidence & a instead longing.
Fate you are cruel...you made me forget....you bastard.
That one feeling I grasp...you losted it!....no...I lost it.

...I forgot it....I'm sorry...

Fate I wish to change your views...


HACKAGE for myspace kids.. [Dec. 14th, 2006|09:38 pm]
[You are here |Leaning on bars....]
[[[Emotion]] |thirstyA bit dry...]
[~::Sound::~ |Daniel Bedingfield~Gotta Get Through This]

And for people that want to know how people are hacking into your accounts....don't put your password anywhere on your myspace profile.

For example: In my hero section I put "Gambit"....now if I use that as my password...I could be screwed, yet again...I learned a lesson.

But I never experience a hack-in....which is good.

So better safe than sorry.

Amazing is it? [Dec. 14th, 2006|09:17 pm]
[You are here |Innervation of a mind]
[[[Emotion]] |crazyInsane in the membrane!]
[~::Sound::~ |T.A.T.U.~Robot]

Today I'm here...able to spend time writing non-sense....stuff... Now first off...someone it trying to hit on me. Which is on myspace, but I highly doubt it would happen...unless he really likes to take a chance without the internet help. Ahhh...I'll let Terry Jones have his fun since he's very sad today...*whispers* =Because I think he got dumped.= He is though very intelligent, loving, very experienced, 7 years old than me, but he maybe over-protective at times. Heh...he reminds me of someone.

The glue & popsicle sticks!!!! [Dec. 13th, 2006|11:07 pm]
[You are here |In a puffed jacket of joy!]
[[[Emotion]] |thoughtfulPerhaps I'm thinking...]
[~::Sound::~ |One Plus~Going Crazy]

I found a interesting fact...actually I found this fact about 2 years ago, but anyways I just remembered it. Yay! :D
In my group there is fairly even amount of guys and girls...let's see for the girls there's:


-And Guys-


Hmmm...it's not completed but what I wanted to say is in our group...that I like to call "The Flock" as this system, and when the glue is missing the group in unstable. Like example in pre-school I use to make a box made of popsicle sticks, but in order for it to stand for long periods of time it needs a stable glue. Us "woman" must be the glue since we are werid & perhaps strong in mind or physical body. We are also flexiable in time, but not always in money. Then there is the "sticks" or the so-called "men" in our group they stand strong, but not always smart, and they tend to be more hairy than smoothe [Being that lately they want to see how long their hair grows or beards, goatee, etc.]...must be a new trend. Anyways they also seem very straight forward, and plan things ahead. Yet they need the glue [women] to make the box...now this does not always mean relationship wise, even though half the people I listed are in a love relationship. Glue & sticks can also be connected by anything else friendship, love, friendly rival, friends' boyfriend/girlfriend. Yet some problems arose with two of my friends who did not speak with eachother for a while, but became friends once again. Then it happen again but it involved me this time...I couldn't stop it. Before I knew it I went in too deep, so yeah....I kinda broke the popsicle box..*puts head down in shame* Yet I wish to fix it with a "tape of bond"...but I doubt it so much. No one can clearly turn back time. I admit I fear Kris & with that I fear "love"...it's a beautiful thing, but for now I need to be the glue again! So my popsicle box will live again!!!!

It's dead...X_x [Dec. 11th, 2006|08:06 pm]
[You are here |Knees-crossed on the floor]
[[[Emotion]] |sillyBLAH!!!]
[~::Sound::~ |Gigi D. Angostic~Fly with You!]


Well it seems it's true..."dark-ninjaness" died sometime this week...maybe because she had no time for a journal. Hmmm...wow. At least I'm not looking for any friends here....anyways "tallie" can keep me company. That is one awesome birtish man he also made a awesome video a few months back...Batman Rules!!!
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Alot of anger consumes me.... [Dec. 11th, 2006|07:52 pm]
[You are here |Uncomfortable beding]
[[[Emotion]] |contentfriend loving, yet content]
[~::Sound::~ |Daft Punk~Face to Face]

I feel sorry for my friends for lately I've been completely rude & showing emotional results....-.-; It's none of their fault, but they know by just the slightest difference like "mood swings" while pregant. Like a couple days ago when everyone left from the school campus there was Steven Austin....ohhh...do I like to bother him. I said the most rudest things that I can't even remember....ahhhh... Could be my old age, but it could be something else because I target almost all my anger towards two people Kyle Day & Steven Austin...one reason could be because we have completely no classes together. But I know it's something else, and it most certainly can't be that "love" it's "friend love"...I miss those two & the times we had real fun. Yet again I couldn't do any of my work...awww hell what a excuse...I love those guys. :P

Wishing for the slow-mo.... [Nov. 20th, 2006|04:05 pm]
[You are here |The Couch of Flowers]
[[[Emotion]] |disappointeddoubting...]
[~::Sound::~ |Tat says Tiger~Moonstuck]

Time passes me
Time passes all.
Wishing for the slow-mo before it's too late.
Before a situation ever began I begun to hate.
I see my moments pass me by
It sometimes wants to make me cry.
I could slow-mo by walking slow.
But my confidence is on the down-low.
I hurry my steps in fear of my so-called "life".
I also have ponder about the lights.
Yet wishing for a slow-mo is slipping away...and without delay...

This & this is all that matters.... [Nov. 8th, 2006|05:57 pm]
[You are here |Living in the room...Living room.]
[[[Emotion]] |confusedconfused]
[~::Sound::~ |Non-sense~Coming from my momma]

I don't judge quickly from your thoughts or opinions.
I find it enjoyable to hang-out with you or chat, and even to see your face. I observe your emotions wishing what to do. You cry...you hate...you punish yourself on your wrongs. Then I worry...I wonder...and wish for the happiness for you. You can always be silly all the time I don't mind at all when it's from dancing....jumping...or a song. You made me think what truly matters...this *points at head*, and this *points at heart*. I wish to see your future if I live long....I wish to see you get married, and to find your greatest joy.

My hope...

...is for you to find what it means to truly live....

... never to be lonely from as long as you live....

...for I know you are stronger than that...

...for as long as there is darkness and insanity you'll find that stable force...

So be careful...

Don't stress out...

...after all...you are human.

I describe not one human, but to the people I call my friends for the world is like a hell-hole sometimes, but it is best to conquer your goals with full force.

And while the future...

...may be grim...

...unknown to your eyes...

...partly happy...

I'll will be there because that's what friends are for...=]
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